Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a princess. The princess was very lonely, so everyday she listened to the radio, it made her feel like she had company. One day when she turned her radio on, it was silent, no music. The castle geeks came running to fix the radio, but they could not, it just was too old, and no matter what they did it would not play. The princess on hearing that her radio was silent forever, screamed, yelled, cried, and stomped, but the radio was still silent. One day, while the princess looked out her window and cried, a witchy woman called to her from below. "Hey Princess, stop crying, I have just what you need." The Witchy one, appeared in the Princesses' room. She produced a small black box from under her cloak. Oh what is it, said the Princess, as she jumped up and down. Make it give me music, please. Witchy Woman bowed, and turned it on. Music flowed from the box and the princess was overjoyed. Over time, the Princess, the Knight, the Witchy Woman, The Loved Friend, and the Foreigner, learned to make the music and make it play 24/7. Everyone lived happily ever after, and were filled with the spirt of music.

And So Our Dream Begins...


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